Left Finished Flat Stitch Seam

Technique practice: Seams

  1. First cut an A4 size out of the fabric. You can use an A4 paper for this.


  1. Fold your piece of fabric in the length and cut along the folding line. You can also fold the A4 paper, put this on top of your unfolded piece of fabric and cut alongside the folded A4 paper.


  1. You now have 2 long pieces of fabric. Put the pieces of fabric with the fabric faces against each other. So right side against right side. Now stitch the pieces together at 1 cm from the edge. Make sure to tack the stitch.


  1. Sew an overlock stitch at the long side together. If you don’t own an overlock machine, you can make a zigzag stitch, but an overlock stitch looks better.


  1. Press the stitch seam at the left side with the iron.


  1. Adjust the needle from your sewing machine to the left side. Now stitch a foor wide along the seam. Again, make sure to tack the stitch.


  1. Now you have a left finished flat stitch seam! The last thing you need to do is ironing the seam.