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Shabby Chic Cabinet


Some time ago I made this Shabby Chic Cabinet. I want to show you the process of this project. I wanted to make something shabby chic, because I see a lot of it on Pinterest and Youtube and I really love it. Although it is a different style, I still like it. Sometimes I enjoy to make something different.


I hope you like it aswell. Let me know in a comment!

Mini Easter Eggs


Finally, one of my favorite holiday is here: Easter. I’m always so glad when I see the chocolate Easter eggs and all the decoations. Spring has arrived! These cute mini Easter eggs were so fun to make. I had this napkin with flowers for so long and I really wanted to use it. I painted the wooden eggs white. I applied Mode Podge where I wanted to put the roses and when the roses are attached, I get gently applied a bit of Mode Podge on the edges. I let them dry after wards.